Anti-mosque march fails to attract large numbers

The anti-mosque demonstrators in Gothenburg never amounted to more than 200, says a police spokesperson.

Speaking to news agency TT Ulla Brehm says that the demonstrations have dispersed, and that on both sides were the numbers 'significantly lower' than expectations.

The left-wing demonstrators, who marched against the anti-mosque protest, numbered over a thousand. Around 100 of these counter-demonstrators also attempted to evade police cordons and come into contact with the anti-mosque march, but helmeted police soon surrounded the breakaway group.

At least 13 people have been arrested by police for public order offences, plus there have been reports of stone throwing.

The pro- and anti-mosque demonstrations had led to the biggest police mobilisation in ten years in Gothenburg. The mosque in Hisingen has been fenced off out of stone-throwing distance.

The GöteborgsVarvet half marathon taking place today is another reason for the big police presence - over 50,000 people are expected to take part.