Borg: Too much talk about Greek crisis can make matters worse

As general strikes unfold in Greece Wednesday to protest the government's proposed austerity measures, Swedish finance minister Anders Borg said that the debt-ridden country could use the help of its private sector.

The European Union has been discussing another rescue package for Greece, in addition to the one that was already rolled out a year ago. Borg is not directly taking part in those discussions, which is only for countries on the Euro. But he did join a meeting later about how to tighten Greece's laws around budget discipline.

Borg said, "I believe that it would be good if we could get a private sector that willingly takes part in making the situation easier for Greece." He added that too much talking about the crisis will only make the situation worse there, reports news agency TT.

As the EU grapples with how to handle Greece's trouble, the value of the Euro is falling. And so is Swedish support for adopting the Union's currency. Sweden's currency is the Swedish crown, and according to new figures from Statistics Sweden, support for the Euro here has dropped to 24 percent.