Government split over Center proposal

Swedish Radio News reports that the center-right government is split over the issue of parental benefits. Integration Minister Erik Ullenhag, a Liberal, has read the same report that Maud Olofsson cites in her interview with Swedish Radio News.

He says the problem is that if someone now comes to Sweden with children they get the same amount of days of paternal leave as those with babies born here, which means a mother with two young children might be out of the labor market for several years. The problem that needs to be addressed he says, is not immigrants with children, but rather people who arrive in Sweden with children, whether they are immigrants for Swedish citizens returning to this country.

Christian Democrat leader Göran Hägglund, who is also Social Welfare Minister, is against the proposal, saying the problem it addresses is minor.

The largest party in the coalition, the conservative Moderates, are refusing to comment.