Unclear on state subsidies for nuclear power

Swedish Radio News reports that despite parliament’s decision a year ago that new nuclear reactors can be built here to replace those that are reaching the end of their lives, the regulations for this are not in place.

When Center leader Maud Olofsson agreed to the new plan, reversing her party’s decades-long opposition to nuclear power, one of the key provisions was that atomic energy would not be subsidized by the state, and the market would have to pay for reactors if they could afford the investment.

Although Olofsson told Swedish Radio News “I think everyone knows what subsidies are, I don’t think there is any uncertainty about what a subsidy is”, now her Ministry of Enterprise says the issue of subsidies is difficult and complex and studies continue into the matter.

Nuclear opponent and former Center MP Sven Bergström is concerned about the lack of clarity. He points to the state-owned Swedish power company Vattenfall, which owns several reactors, and is concerned state money could be used to pay for nuclear power through the backdoor.