Puny moose

Moose too small, Danish family reimbursed

A Danish family visiting the animal park Mooseland in southern Sweden got their money back after they complained that the moose on display were too small, Swedish newspaper Expressen reports.

The Mikkelsen family were on vacation in Sweden when they read about Mooseland and wanted to see the "King of the Forest". But when they got to Mooseland and saw the park's two moose, Elliot and Elleonor, they were disappointed.

After sending an an e-mail to the tourist bureau, demanding the almost 50 US dollars for the family's entry back, the bureau decided to reimburse two-thirds of the price as a symbolic gesture.

Lars-Göran Toresson, who owns Mooseland, told Expressen that he remembers the Danish family.

"They got stuck on the idea of seeing the 'king of the forest', but a king can die and be replaced by younger moose. That happens at all animal parks," he said.