on a par with the vasa

"Fantastic" wreck found on Baltic Sea bed

A team of divers may have discovered the long lost wreck of the flagship of the Swedish fleet that sank in 1564 just north of the Baltic island of Öland.

The ship, called Mars, but also known as "the Magnificent" was the biggest ship of its time, carrying 800 men and 107 cannons, reports news agency TT.

If it is the Mars, then it is a discovery on a par with that of the Vasa and the Mary Rose, Andreas Olsson from the Maritime Musem told TT.

The Mars sank in a sea battle with the Danish fleet, after two days' fighting the ship was surrounded, caught fire and exploded before finally sinking to the bottom of the Baltic.

The Baltic is often thought of as a treasure trove for shipwreck hunters, as the brackish waters mean that the scourge of wooden shipwrecks, the so-called shipworms, cannot survive in the sea.