Green Party spokespersons Åsa Romson and Gustav Fridolin

Green Party prepared to negotiate with government

The Green Party is stretching out a hand of cooperation to the government, following the latter’s postponement of its fifth job tax cut earlier in the week. Green Party spokespersons, Åsa Romson and Gustav Fridolin, write in newspaper Dagens Nyheter on Saturday that they are prepared to sit down and negotiate with the government on infrastructure, housing and schools.

The spokespersons write that the purpose of such negotiations would be to maximise the chances of broad cooperation where it is possible.

“In all conversations you must be prepared to give and take. We are prepared to sit down and talk in order to ensure important investments in jobs and the country’s future,” write Romson and Fridolin.

The duo dismisses, however, the possibility that this could be a first move in the Green Party moving towards becoming a fifth party in the ruling coalition.

“The Green Party will never become a fifth party in the centre-right coalition; rather it will be a constructive part of the opposition which is always prepared to seek broad compromises.”

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