Saab crisis

Major distributor stops selling Saab cars

One of Saab’s main distributors, Holmgrens Bil, announced on Friday that it will no longer sell Saab’s cars. Other distributors are also considering making the same decision, reports Swedish Radio News.

Holmgrens Bil is based in the Swedish town of Jönköping and has sold Saab cars for the past 20 years. On Friday, though, it decided to stop selling Saabs. Holmgrens Bil’s president, Benny Holmgren, explained that the company will no longer represent the Saab brand, as the car manufacturer has repeatedly broken promises to customers, distributors and suppliers.

“For me, it is extremely important to be able to proudly stand up and represent those brands that we sell, and I do not feel able to do that any longer with Saab,” Holmgren told Swedish Radio News.

This way of thinking is not unique. Peter Hallberg, president for Saab’s distribution, admits that many distributors feel uncertain about what the future holds. He says that Saab must become better at informing its distributors.