Left Party politics

All Left Party candidates want Sweden out of EU

The Left Party looks set to maintain its policy that Sweden should leave the EU.

For the past two years, the incumbent leader, Lars Ohly, has questioned this policy and the issue has been put to one side, to be decided at a later date by the party at a specifically convened conference about the EU. That conference is now scheduled to take place in a couple of weeks’ time and it seems clear that a majority of the party wants to retain its demand that Sweden withdraw from the EU, reports Swedish Radio News.

None of the four Left Party leadership contenders - one of whom will replace Lars Ohly in January – wants to abolish this policy.

“I think that recent developments in Europe show that it is important that we continue to have this demand,” says Rossana Dinamarca, one of the candidates and vice president of the party.

Before last year’s general election in Sweden, and as a conciliatory move to the Green Party, it had looked as though the Left Party was on the way to giving up its demand of the country leaving the EU. But then the cooperation with the Green Party ended and the party has now returned to its traditional position.

The issue will be debated over two days at the upcoming conference in Gothenburg. The outcome will form the basis of the party’s EU policy, to de formally decided at the Left Party annual congress in January.