Brown bears. Photo: Claudio Bresciani/Scanpix.

Companies show little interest in bear meat

Sunday sees the start of Sweden’s bear hunting season, but companies have little interest in buying unprocessed bear meat, reports Swedish Radio News.

The reason is that few buyers want the hassle of the rules and regulations that go with buying the unprocessed meat of an EU endangered species.

“Several certificates are needed and it makes it hard to manage from an economic and production perspective,” says Fredrik Eklund, president of Grundnäs AB, one of Sweden’s largest companies dealing in wild meat.

For those companies who process and then sell the meat themselves though, the rules are a bit more straightforward. One such company is EG Vilt in Vilhelmina in the north of Sweden. It says there is a clear market for bear food products and that it has no problem in selling all the sausages and steaks that it manufactures from bears.

“We have no problem whatsoever in shifting the products made from the bear meat that we buy,” Erland Gustafsson told Swedish Radio News.

In total, 293 bears may be hunted this season, across six of Sweden’s counties, representing a slight increase compared to last year’s 276.

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