School dispute

Teacher/parent dispute means kids miss school

14 children who should have started a school in the south-western town of Uddevalla on Monday, are being kept at home by their parents, in protest against the new teacher in the class.

According to the parents, the teacher has behaved in both a verbally and physically abusive manner, whilst teaching earlier classes at the school. They claim the teacher has been shouting and swearing at the children and that she has been seen chasing children around in the classroom.

On Tuesday evening, the parents met with the local education authorities to discuss a solution, among others the possibility of the teacher sharing the responsibility of the class with other teachers. Still on Wednesday afternoon, no solution had been found.

The dispute has now also become a matter for the Schools Inspectorate, as the parents have lodged a formal complaint with the authority.

But not all of the parents chose to keep their children away from school. Three pupils have been turning up for class all week.