August salaries

Saab workers pay delayed again

The blue collar workers at the Trollhättan plant of the Swedish car maker Saab will not get their August wages on time on Thursday, a Saab spokeswoman has told the news agency TT. She was however not able to say if that will be the case also for the white collar workers, who normally would be paid on Friday.

Earlier on Wednesday, the trade union for white collar workers at the Saab plant in Trollhättan, told TT that it will take the first steps of a bankruptcy procedure, if the August wages are delayed.

According to Anette Hellgren, the white collar union rep in Trollhättan, a formal demand for payment will in that case be filed early next week. From then on, the company has seven days to pay. If it still does not, the Union will start the procedure to file for bankruptcy, TT reports.

Last month, the white collar workers at the Swedish car brand received their salaries nine days late.

Last week, the state debt collector started seizing assets from Saab, in an attempt to recover money owed to suppliers. The company is still waiting for regulatory approval for two chinese companies to get a majority stake in the company, to solve its liquidity problems.