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State alcohol store may offer home delivery

6:00 min

The state-run monopoly store Systembolaget may start delivering alcohol to your door as soon as next year. The board of the company has decided to look into the possibility of such a service, Swedish media reports.

Liberal MP Carl B. Hamilton tells Radio Sweden that the move is important to keep Systembolaget's monopoly both in tact and popular, as it faces competition from overseas.

Although Systembolaget has a complete retail monopoly when it comes to selling alcohol in Sweden, there are 66 private actors already offering home delivery from abroad, the daily Dagens Nyheter reports. This was made legal after a decision in the EU court in 2007.

Hamilton believes the service will be especially useful to older people or people who have difficulty carrying, for example, beer to their homes.

Among those who criticise the idea of Systembolaget delivering alcohol, is Lena Hallengren from the Social Democrats. "I think it will be very hard to check the age (of the buyer) and that it will be hard to have home delivery without extending the opening hours. I think it will be hard to maintain the restrictive stance Systembolaget has," she tells Swedish Radio News.

Hamilton argues that Norway has been offering a similar service for the past decade, and says they do not believe it has increased drinking problems.

Systembolaget is currently looking into the logistics of making the delivery service work.