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Swedish Greens open office in New York

3:32 min

The Swedish Green party has started a new local branch - in New York. It is the first local office abroad, but if there is an interest, other cities around the world could follow.

"Many of the issues and ideas that the Green Party are interested in transcends state borders, and cannot be confined to Sweden," says Max Ahlborn, spokesperson for the Swedish Greens in New York.

Ahlborn says there are well over 100,000 Swedes in the US, and some 40,000 of them in New York alone, making it a particularly interesting for the Swedish Greens to open an office there. But it is not just a way to bring in more votes, says Ahlborn.

"I think Swedes in New York are engaged and interested in a lot of the questions that we are interested in. So it is a way for them to feel connected to Sweden and finding a way to channel that interest in a more active way than sending their vote back to Sweden every 4 years," says Max Ahlbom.

So far, Ahlborn and the other Green party spokesperson in New York, Nina Åkestam are the only members of the Swedish Greens in the big apple, but they hope there'll soon be more.

Max and Nina moved over from Sweden about a year ago, and only then, they became members of the Swedish Greens. But shouldn't the Swedish environmentalists in New York join the American greens instead?

"My guess is that most Swedes that are here on some sort of visa or green card of not eligible to vote in the US, so they are still have a very close bond back to Sweden."

"I also think that a lot of Swedes here feel a very strong connection back to their homeland, instinctively it makes a lot of sense to them to engage with a Swedish organisation, instead of an American one," he says.

The local branch's logo is a version of the classic I Love New York, but instead of the heart - for love - they have bot the dandelion symbol of the Swedish Greens, as in I dandelion New York or rather, I'm a Swedish Greens party member in New York.