Julian Assange

Assange denies rape allegations in autobiography

Despite resistance from Julian Assange, his unauthorized autobiography went on sale in the UK on Thursday, reports Swedish News Agency TT.  

In the book Assange defends himself against the pending rape allegations levelled at him in Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning.

For his autobiography Assange reportedly received several hundred thousand pounds in an advance. The book was written by Scottish novelist based on conversations with Assange. But after Assange read excerpts from the book he wanted to tear up the contract. But because he had already used the advance, the publisher claimed the right to publish the book, reports the British newspaper.

In the book Assange is reported to have said that “he may be a chauvinistic pig of some sort, but I am no rapist.” He is said to insinuate that the rape allegations are a trap and that he was informed by western intelligence sources that the American government was prepared to resort to illegal tactics to nail him, including planting child pornography on his hard drive or trying to get him accused of immoral behaviour, writes TT.  

In the book Assange is reported to explain what happened when he came to Sweden and how he met the two women he had sex with and that it wasn’t about rape. The women had willing sex with him and had no problem meeting with him afterwards, Assange is reported to write.