Hooligan trial postponed

The trial against a 19-year-old who stormed a playing field in Malmö during a soccer game and attacked the goalie in May has been postponed, as the lead witness, the attacked goalie Pär Hansson, did not show up in court.

Pär Hansson was among those celebrating in Helsingborg last night, as his team, HIF, became Swedish football champions, after a 3-1 victory against Gothenburg's GAIS.

The district court judge Lennart Strinäs told the news agency TT that the day chosen for the trial was "unfortunate", but that they had no way of knowing in advance that this would be the day when Helsingborg came out as Swedish champions.

But in a comment to the tabloid Expressen, Hansson, says he thought the trial was on Wednesday, not today. "I have even asked for a day off then," he hold the paper, explaining that he had forgotten his mobile phone in his coat, and therefore not could be reached by the court trying to get hold of him.

The court is aiming for the trial to resume in a few weeks.