New high speed X3000 train launched

3:58 min

Swedish rail operator SJ showed off its new high speed X3000 train to the media today. A fleet of 20 trains costing the equivalent of 300 million US dollars will replace the existing X2000's on a number of northern routes, including Stockholm to Östersund, Sundsvall and Falun.

The first trains will be operational in the New Year and will carry 245 passengers each. The trains boast the latest on board hi-tech facilities for passengers but more importantly for travellers, SJ says the trains will be much more reliable during the harsh, winter months.

"It will mean a comforatble journey and a journey you can trust, this train has been built on the experiences from the last ten years and this will make the train reliable even in the hardest conditions," SJ's managing director Jan Forsberg told Radio Sweden.

The X3000 will go as fast as the existing X2000's but will be quicker around bends in the track, thanks to engines in three of the four carriages.