Gaddafi killed

Reinfeldt welcomes end of Gaddafi era

Sweden's prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has welcomed the capture of former Libyan leader Gaddafi by the rebel leadership, who was killed Thursday.

”It was only a short time ago that Gaddafi ruled with military power and was on the verge of carrying out a massacre on Bengazi’s inhabitants. Now he is gone, his power is broken,” said Reinfeldt, reacting to the news of Gaddafi’s capture and death.

“With the capture of Gaddafi, the building of the new Libya can now truly begin. The new Libya is going to need our support with humanitarian efforts, healthcare provision, the building up of civil society and the exercise of democratic rights. This will hopefully now help in the building of a new Arab world and a new North Africa,” the prime minister continued.

An opposition activist in Sweden, Shaban Elgale, says to news agency TT that: "Libya is now completely free from Gaddafi and his regime. It's a great joy, we have been freed after 42 years.

Shaban Elgale, who came to Sweden in 1982, adds that he has recieved reports by telephone of widespread celebration in the streets of Tripili and Benghazi.