One of the most highly publicized court cases in recent memory

Doctor acquitted in "mercy killing" case

4:48 min

A doctor charged with manslaughter in the case of a brain damaged baby girl in September 2008 has been acquitted, reports news agency TT. In a press release, Solna district court wrote that the court, "did not find evidence that a crime had been committed. The court also did not find evidence that the doctor had done anything that was not medically motivated."

The experienced physician was arrested in March 2009 accused of causing the death of the girl the previous September in a so called "mercy killing".

At the time of death in 2008, the baby girl had extensive brain damage and difficulty breathing. Her family made the decision to turn off the respirator that was keeping her alive, and she died that same day.

The prosecutor argued that the doctor purposefully caused the death or tried to cause the death of the infant girl with the help of a high dose of the barbiturate sodium thiopental.