Investigation into Swedish Minister of Defense

Complaint filed against Sten Tolgfors

A complaint has been filed with the Parliamentary Committee on the Constitution against the Swedish Minister of Defense, Sten Tolgfors, charging that he stopped a major-general from holding a speech about Sweden's ability to help neighbouring countries in war, reports news agency TT.

Social Democrat Peter Hultqvist, who is also chairman of the Parliament's Defence Committee, filed the complaint.

Karlis Neretnieks, a major-general and member of the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences, was going to give a speech in Skövde in September about Sweden's ability to live up to its so-called declaration of solidarity with neighbouring countries.

But Hultqvist argues that the Deputy Minister of Defense, Håkan Jevrell, contacted the general director of the Swedish Armed Forces and asked him to stop the speech.

In Sweden, government ministries do not have the right to influence individual cases at government agencies. Hultqvist charges that Jevrell's actions to stop the speech were illegal.