Party politics

Reinfeldt spoke about jobs and the next election

Delegates re-elected Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt to lead the Moderate Party at its assembly in Örebro this morning. Gunilla Carlsson, minister for international development and Beatrice Ask, minister of justice, were elected vice chairperson and deputy vice chairperson, respectively.

Reinfeldt started his speech by thanking delegates. “We have a lot of energy to go ahead and win in 2014, our third election victory in a row. That is what awaits us,” he said.

Reinfeldt dedicated a large portion of his speech to what he perceives to be the biggest difference between the opposition and the government: jobs policy.

“Our point of departure must be that everyone is able to get jobs based on their skills, and that every effort is made to ensure that everyone has a job. That means we need many different kinds of jobs,” he said.

After three days at the meeting in Örebro, delegates were addressed by a good-humoured party leader. He spoke with pride about the government’s hefty tax cuts and promised that pensioners can look forward to additional tax breaks.

Reinfeldt made it clear that he intends to lead the government for a long time to come, especially as the opposition, in his view, could not even hold together a government.

“We were the only clear alternative in 2006. In 2010 we were the only realistic alternative to lead the government. But now, my friends, we appear to be the only alternative in the election 2014,” Reinfeldt said to the crowd’s applause.