Nuclear plant

Reactor in Oskarshamn shut down after fire

A brief fire caused smoke to develop in one of the turbine halls in Reactor 2 at the OKG nuclear plant in Oskarshamn on the southeast coast of Sweden Saturday night. The plant’s own rescue service extinguished the fire rapidly, and the turbine and reactor were shut down, Swedish news agency TT reports.

Anders Österberg, head of information, at the plant, told TT that the fire was put out with a regular fire extinguisher. “The situation is under control. We’re waiting to investigate what it was that caused the smoke more closely,” he added.

The turbine and reactor shut down in conjunction with the fire.

Asked whether the public was in any danger, Österberg said, “Fires are always serious in this type of operation, but this occurred in the conventional turbine hall, which exists in all types energy plants, and not in the reactor.”

Reactor 2 was re-started this week after closing for its annual maintenance, but on Thursday the decision was made to stop it again to recalibrate the turbine, according to OKG’s Website.

Österberg said it’s too soon to say whether the smoke was related to the problem with the turbine earlier this week. “We did have a problem with vibrations in the turbine hall, but we don’t know if that has anything to do with this. We hope to have an answer to that question tomorrow,” he said.