Half of Swedish mums want to stay home

4:45 min

Almost half of Swedish mothers taking part in a report on their views on family and working life say they would stay at home if they had the choice. Most of those wannabe "stay-at-home" mums are young, aged between 18-to-29-years-of-age.

The survey of 9,552 Swedish mothers report by familjeliv.se, the country's biggest online site for mothers and pregnant women, also covers gender roles in the home, discrimination at the workplace and sex.

The report found that almost one-in-four mothers have faced discrimination in the workplace after having children with managers in advertising, sales and the media the worst offenders.

Women are also still seen as widely responsible for running the home and taking children to school with men the main earners.

And as far as bedroom habits are concerned, six out of ten Swedish mums questioned say they and their partners wished that they had more time for sex.