No train, just birds. Photo:Tomas Oneborg/Scanpix.

Train left station one hour early

Passengers at Malmö station were left facing an empty platform this morning when their train for Stockholm left an hour early.

Swedish Radio News spoke to one would-be traveller, Jane Larsson. She managed to catch an x2000 to Stockholm, but had to pay 3300 kronor extra (US$ 517).

It was train operator Veolia that decided to make the departure time one hour earlier. Marco Andersson at Veolia says that the change was due to planned track maintenance between Malmö and Lund, which meant that the train had to take a detour, and leave early in order to reach Stockholm on time.

Veolia did not inform all the customers - which is unacceptable, says Marco Andersson. Velia says that those travellers who were affected by the changed departure time will receive compensation.

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