Finer, Bergström and Dirawi. Foto: Scanpix.

Cultural trio to host Melodifestivalen

Actress Helena Bergström, singer Sarah Dawn Finer and comedienne Gina Dirawi will host next year's Melodifestivalen, the immensely popular competition to select Sweden's candidate for the Eurovision song contest.

In 2010, almost half the country watched the show as 3,870,000 fans tuned in for the televised final.

"We represent different things, different cultural professions and different generations," commented Finer on Swedish Television's website. "I am also very happy that it is three women leading Sweden's biggest entertainment program."

Dirawi, who at 20 is the youngest of the trio, said, "It will be a cool mix. It's so random, why would the three of us hang out? But now we will!"

Bergström is one of Sweden's most famous film and stage actresses but began her career at Swedish Television. She tells the website she'd like to see more dialogue between different cultural traditions.

"We have to be open, especially with film and theatre where we have to remove snobbery and dare to communicate what we are working with. When I direct Miss Julie I do it because I want the audience of Melodifestivalen to come and see it and to enjoy it," she said.

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