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Pet trapped by subway ticket gates

A dog was injured when it got caught between the ticket gates of the Stockholm subway Friday.

The dog's owner Therese Dahlstedt tells newspaper Dagens Nyheter that normally, when she passes through the gates with eight-year-old Biezel, a mastiff mix who suffers from heart problems, she stands in such a way that the double doors, feared by many for shutting swiftly and vigorously, cannot close until the dog can get through.

But Friday, she didn't wait long enough, and the mastiff got trapped between the doors. Other passengers swiped their Stockholm Public Transport, or SL, passcards in a vain attempt to get the doors to open again.

"Not even the guy at the ticket window could get them to open," said Dahlstedt.

In the end, it took three people to get the doors apart and free Beizel, who came out somewhat paralyzed but at least alive.

Dahlstedt is critical of the gates, which have been replacing the older turnstiles, and says they should be much more sensitive so that they can open if someone gets stuck.

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