The Debt Collection Agency's insignia.

Government agency to sell Hitler's paintings?

"We don't make any valuation of what kind of goods are for sale as long as they're legal"
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The southern Swedish auction of what might be paintings done by a young Adolf Hitler has captured some headlines here.

Members of the Jewish community in Sweden and other critics say the state should not be involved with profits made from works created by the man responsible for the Holocaust.

The Swedish Debt Collection Agency says it's just following the rules - selling off confiscated property of a former Swedish motorcycle gang leader.

It comes as no surprise that some of the property confiscated by the official debt collectors from a  former head of motorcycle wheel-spinning gang member might include items linked to Adolf Hitler – a hero for some right-wing extremists, neo Nazis and sympathizers even today in Sweden and elsewhere.

And a number of organized gang members here have been convicted of tax fraud – receiving unemployment benefits while really at work and paying no taxes for the legal employment they might have had.

The state Swedish Enforcement Authority says it’s following standard procedures when dealing this time with the million-crown debts of the former gang leader living in the southern Swedish city of Malmö.

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