Swedish forces have been in Afghanistan since 2005. Photo: FS20/Försvarsmakten.

Swedish soldiers to leave Afghanistan by 2014

Former soldier in Afghanistan; Fredrik Wass
6:44 min

The Green Party and the Social Democrats' Parliamentary groups have backed the government's proposal to keep Swedish soldiers in Afghanistan. But the soldiers will leave their main base in Mazar-i-Sharif and draw down the number of troops from 550 to 400 by the end of 2012. And by 2014, no fighting forces will remain in the country, only 200 people to train Afghani soldiers and police. The measure will be presented in parliament on Wednesday.

The entire Swedish force will move to the larger, German-run base Marmal. Other country's military forces will most likely be moved to the same base.

Peter Rådberg from the Green Party and Urban Ahlin from the Social Democrats say the draw down and move is a positive development. They say it means most parts of Northern Afghanistan will be without foreign forces.

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