Photo. Torbjörn Andersson /Pressens Bild

Barsebäck Reactor Shutdown 2005

The Swedish government has announced it will shut down one its 11 nuclear reactors in 2005 as part of a program to scale back its dependency on nuclear power.

Sweden’s minister for Industry and Trade, Leif Pagrotsky says preparations for the shutdown of the last reactor at Barsebaeck’s power plant, on Sweden’s southwestern coast, will begin immediately.

Barsebaeck’s other reactor was closed in 1999.

The decision came after negotiations between the government and representatives for Swedish Industry on when to begin phasing out nuclear power in Sweden broke down.

In 1997, the government  announced a plan to phase out all of its nuclear power plants, including the second Barsebäck reactor, which was then scheduled for shutdown in 2003.

But, the parliament postponed the plan because of a lack of new power sources - and the shutdown has been opposed by Swedish Industry.

However, according to Leif Pagrotsky, a new gas pipe planned between Sweden and Germany, as well as increased capacity to import electricity from Finland, means the country is now ready for a shutdown of the Barsebäck facility.

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