Three hospitalized after extremist march

Police made a number of arrests on Saturday as hundreds of right-wing extremists were pelted with firecrackers and bottles as they marched in central Stockholm.

Police spokesperson Anders Gillander told news agency AFP that three people were injured and at least six people detained as counter-demonstrators tried to disrupt the march.

Two people from the far-right demonstration were treated in hospital after being hit by objects thrown at them while a person opposing the march was hurt when a police van inadvertently ran over her foot.

Police said around 400 people particpated in the march with the same number trying to stop it.

The march is usually held in the largely immigrant Stockholm suburb of Salem where a young skinhead was killed 10 years ago. Numbers on the march have been declining in recent years and some have speculated that the march was moved to the city centre on the day of the Nobel celebrations as a way of boosting numbers and publicity.