Study Claims Swedish Bosses Top EU List

A sensational study of the income of top business directors in the European Union shows that Swedes heads the list -– while industrial workers come number 9 and civil engineers are way behind at the 15th place – compared to colleagues elsewhere in the union.

In addition, the high salaries are complemented with a number of bonuses and extra benefits.

The report comes as a surprise for many in both private and public sectors – long hearing arguments that company bosses in Sweden need higher salaries and fatter benefits – to keep from lagging behind their colleagues in other European countries and to prevent them from leaving a stingy Sweden for more generous markets eslewhere in the EU.

Earlier surveys in Sweden show that the salary differences between the bosses and the average worker have been growing in recent years – after decades of Sweden’s smug boasting that the welfare state was reducing the gap between rich and poor – unlike much of the rest of the world.

Another sharply-worded Swedish study looks at the public sector where high-level bosses get paid extra fees to sit in on steering committee board meetings.  The study concludes this should normally be part of their duties.

Even more devasting for some of the bosses sitting on a long list of boards is the suggestion that there by a sharp restriction on the number of steering committee appointments per boss.

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