Sjöstedt is Left's suggestion as Dinamarco mulls joint spokesmanship

The January election of a new leader for the Left Party is fast approaching. This weekend, the internal election commission suggested Jonas Sjöstedt to take over the minority party which has seen support rise as the main left-of-centre opposition party, the Social Democrats, have taken a beating in opinion polls. His main contender, Rosanna Dinamarca, tells Swedish Radio news she is unsure if she'll be co-leader if the party decides to have two spokespersons, the model used by the Green Party.

Sjöstedt is a former EU-parliamentarian and has also lived in Brooklyn. Chilean-born Dinamarco is the party spokesperson for education. The two remaining candidates are Hans Linde and Ulla Andersson.

Dinamarco says to Swedish Radio News, "I don't have a final decision about whether I'll take a joint-leadership position yet. I am considering it, but right now the most important thing is that I believe in collective leadership center on one party leader."

The other female candidate, Ulla Andersson, is for joint leadership of the party which defines itself as feminist. She thinks the party congress, which takes the final decision in January, will be evenly split between retaining the status quo and revising it. She says, "Now that Jonas has been recommended it is possible that the support for joint leadership will increase as one also wants a woman."