Drop-in baptism a growing trend

The trend for "drop-in" baptisms is spreading with a church in Örebro joining two in Västerås who began the idea in an attempt to reverse what has been a steady decline in baptisms in Sweden.

Baptism in the Church of Sweden was once a popular choice with 80 percent of the population choosing to baptise their children in the 1970's. Today that figure is 53 percent.

The decline mirrors the decline in membership of the Church of Sweden. 

Last year, two churches in Västerås began inviting drop-in baptisms to make it simpler for the modern parent. Now, a church in Örebro had its' first drop-in baptism at the weekend.

The drop-in baptism avoids all the stress of planning the party, dinner and guests with a priest and musicians alraedy in church for those who want to just go in with their child or themselves.

It's not just drop-in baptisms that are becoming more popular, drop-in weddings are also increasing in popularity.