Chechen website raising controversy

A controversial pro-independence Chechen website that was shut down by the Lithuanian government and then removed from a Finnish server has re-opened on servers in Finland and Sweden.

This despite demands from Finnish authorities to keep the page closed.  

The Stockholm-based Internet service provider Port80, which is hosting the site from Sweden, says there has not yet been any official complaint about it. 

The site is regarded by some as a clearing house for pro-Chechen information and as a mouthpiece for Chechen rebel leaders battling Russian troops in the breakaway province.  Russia has called the site an ‘information tool of international terrorists’. 

The managing director of the Swedish server says:  our policy is if they’re doing anything illegal, then they’re out. If they’re not doing anything illegal we don’t wish to interfere. 

The Finnish IT entrepreneur behind the site says:  he re-launched the site because there is no legal basis for it to be shut down, adding that it is a question of free speech. 

The Swedish government has made no comment on the controversy.