Sweden Evacuates Embassy in Ivory Coast

Sweden has evacuated its embassy in the Ivory Coast amid warnings of more violence.

According to the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Inga Björk-Klevby and the last of her staff left the Ivory Coat Monday night aboard a Swedish military transport plane that was sent to help evacuate Swedes and other foreigners.

The Swedish aircraft will also participate in the French-led evacuation operations before it returns home this weekend.

The decision to evacuate came Monday when the U.N. Security Council also imposed an immediate arms embargo on Ivory Coast’s government.

Along with the arms embargo, which will last at least 13 months, the United Nations also banned the incitement of public hatred or violence. This comes in response to Ivory Coast television and radio airing anti-French and anti-foreigner hate messages.

Some 5,000 westerners have fled the country, as well as some 10,000 nationals.