Lured over from Lithuania

Six men charged with human trafficking

Six men from Lithuania were charged at a Stockholm district court on suspicion of pimping and human trafficking on Wednesday.

Some 15 young women were lured to Sweden from Lithuania to work as prostitutes. Once they were here, they did not get the salary they had been promised, nor could they influence how many or which clients they had to sleep with. One woman did not get any pay at all.

The prosecution claims the men used the women's poor economic situation in their home country and the isolation they lived in, in Sweden, where they had no money, no accommodation, no contacts or knowledge of the language.

Police have been gathering evidence for a long time, and many of the women will be witnesses at the trial. Apart from their stories, the evidence consists of among others wire tapping and sex ads.

The men deny any wrongdoing. Some of them admit that they have been in Sweden and driven the girls but claim they had no idea what it was all about.

The scheme went on for ten months, up until August last year.