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Warehouse strike would affect several industries

Thousands of warehouse workers and wholesale employees will go on strike next Friday, unless the union and employers reach an agreement before Thursday.

Since the Commercial Employees Union strike is targeting wholesale suppliers, several other industries will be pulled into the conflict, Swedish Radio News reports.

For example, many restaurants are worried that they will not be able to get fresh produce delivered. 

Transport and construction companies will also be out of work as large warehouses close down during the strike.

The Swedish Transport Group, an umbrella organisation for companies in the transport sector, has criticised the union for involving a third party in the conflict instead of limiting the effect on other companies.

“This is a strike that is specifically designed to cause problems for more than one employer, and it is pretty serious,” said the group's CEO, Peter Jeppsson. “It is a misuse of the right to strike.”

Hotel and restaurant chain Nobis will also have problems, says vice-president Dennis Johansson.

”Our main supplier Martin & Servera will go on strike. So we wont be able to get any fresh produce from Servera and our shelves will be empty fairly soon,” Johansson said in an interview with Swedish Radio News. “A couple, or three days will be fine, but after that we won’t have enough.”

The steel and metal industry will also have to do without deliveries and farmers could face problems as a huge warehouse operated by agricultural cooperative Lantmännen will be closed down.