Thomas Quick

Serial killer granted his fourth retrial

Convicted killer Thomas Quick has been granted another retrial, news agency TT reports. This time it is in the case of two women killed in Oslo, Norway, in 1981 and 1985. Quick, who changed his name to Sture Bergwall, was convicted of both murders by the district court in Falun in 2000.

Sweden’s most infamous serial killer has been convicted of eight murders but three of those verdicts have since been overturned.

In addition to the murder of 11-year-old Johan Asplund, the verdicts have been overturned in the case of Israeli student Yenon Levi and 9-year-old Norwegian girl Therese Johannesen.

Most of the convictions have been based on Bergwall’s own admission of guilt but he has since withdrawn his confessions.

Bergwall and his lawyer has previously said that they will appeal at least two more convictions. Next is the case of a Dutch couple killed in Piteå, in the far north, in 1984.