Scientist: Sunlight is harmful even in spring

Scientists have found that ultra violet radiation is just as strong during the spring in the Nordic countries as it is on the Italian island of Sicily, newspaper Dagens Nyheter reports.  

While most Scandinavians know that the sunlight could be harmful in the middle of summer few know that it is equally harmful in spring, says scientist Peter Boyle.

The research project is funded by the European Union and studies ultra violet radiation in Europe. What it has found is that dangerous levels of radiation can be measured in the north of Europe earlier in the year than previously thought.

“Scandinavians who want to reduce the risk of cancer should protect themselves against the sun much earlier in the year,” Boyle says.

But the findings are questioned by the Swedish Radiation Authority (SSM).

"It can't be possible," said Ulf Wester, at SSM.

Wester refers to studies done by SSM and the Swedish Met Office where the difference in ultra violet radiation is significant.