The transition from public to private

Motion to implement waiting period likely to fail

There is a motion in Parliament to implement a time quarantine for politicians and government workers before they can enter into the private sector, but the proposal will likely fail, reports Swedish Radio. It is not the first time this type of motion has been up for a vote.

"The motion will probably be voted down again. But I'm still not sure if the laws we have in place today are not enough to stop the problem," says Per Bill, a conservative Moderate politician who sits on the Constitutional Committee in Parliament.

Peter Eriksson, the chairman of the committee and a Green party member, wrote the proposal.

The motion would investigate how a time quarantine could be implemented, or how to hinder the leaking of information that is kept secret in order to protect the public.

A majority agree with Per Bill that when you weigh the pros and cons of this issue, that the negative consequences outweigh the positive.

"Partly we have a problem with people not knowing their boundaries, partly we get a poorer movement between politicians and the private sector, and that's what we want," says Bill. "We want this to work."

Peter Eriksson is on Easter holiday and will not comment Saturday. Per Bill will not make a comment on the potential consequences of having lots of movement between the public and private sectors.