People are using false ID cards for tax fraud

The Tax Agency is discovering more fake ID's than ever. Among other schemes, the fraudsters are using fake ID cards to try to get tax breaks for renovating homes without ever doing the work.

"An ID card is a door opener into our entire society," says Pia Bergman, project leader at the agency. "We see that people use ID cards to commit fraud to get tax breaks on home renovations that were never done. People also cheat the system to get benefits. All of these things to get various incomes without the right person actually presenting themselves."

The Tax Agency is investigating a number of cases where people use different methods to cheat the system. Sometimes people steal a living person's information or forge a passport or another form that allows them to get an ID card.

Bergman says that it is hard to estimate how many investigations involve the creation of false ID cards, but she sees a clear jump in cases.

The agency is going to evaluate its routines around these types of crimes. "Now we are looking at all of our routines for these cases to see if we ourselves, or through new legislation, can make some changes that will allow us to separate the people who have a right to ID cards from those who use the cards for a criminal purpose," says Bergman.