Swedish handball teams headed to the Olympics

Swedish sports history is going to be written at the London 2012 Olympics – for the first time ever both the men's and women's handball teams will be competing together at the Olympic level.

"This feels incredibly huge," says general manager Stefan Lövgren, to news agency TT.

Sweden's men team beat Macedonia on Saturday in the European quarterfinals in Gothenburg to secure a spot at the London 2012 Olympic Games this July.

"We've got a lot of potential on this team and it feels like with a little more preparation together and even more time to play together that we can make something happen," says the men's team captain Tobias Karlsson.

Sweden's women's team played at the Olympics in Peking for years ago. But the men's team failed to qualify for two Olympics in a row, and none of the team's players have experience at that level.

Both teams will gather on June 24 in Bosön for a kick-off in preparation for the London Olympics.