Some criticize the police for firing warning shots

The police fired warning shots outside of a party locale Saturday night in a suburb north west of Stockholm. People in support of the Eritrean regime had gathered inside the building, and regime critics were protesting on the outside. Several people in attendance were critical of the police.

The youth association of the Eritrean regime arranged the party. Around 50 protestors tried to enter the event, but were stopped at the door. The police received a report of fighting in the area at 9:00 pm Saturday night.

When the police arrived on the scene, around 20 people began to throw stones and bottles at the patrol, says Niklas Matsson, a police officer for the western suburbs of Stockholm.

"The police were so surrounded by people that they fired off warning shots," he tells Swedish Radio.

No one was injured by the shots, but one person was injured during the tumult and was taken to the hospital. No arrests were made. Police drove several people away from the scene.

But not everyone agrees with the official police version. "We were calm and had a dialogue with the police, but they suddently took us and I think that's really bad," says Azahar Habbos, who was protesting the Eritrean regime's presence there.

Another person critical of the Eritrean regime tells news agency TT that he did not see any stone throwing and that the fight with the police had nothing to do with the party.

"From the information I have, it seems like the first group of people that gathered were Eritrean regime critics, and then some other people who lived in the area joined in," says Matsson.