Investigation continues

Six dead in fire at holiday home

A family of four and their two friends from Denmark have died in a fire at their holiday home in western Sweden over the Easter weekend.

It is unclear at present what caused the fatal fire at the Danish owned weekend cottage in Tidaholm in Västergötland. According to P4 Skaraborg, there was no electricty or water in the house, but there was a wood burning fire and open stove.

The bodies of the two girls and their parents and friends were recovered late last night. The fire was said to have raged for some time before it was spotted by neighbours 500 metres away on Sunday morning.

"It is very unusual that so may people die in a house fire. In around 95 percent of cases, it is one person who dies. Sometimes it is two, but more than that is uncommon," says Mattias Strömberg, accident researcher at the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) to news agency TT.

He told TT that a couple of fires in 2009 stood out from the statistics. A house fire in Staffanstorp where a family of five perished and an apartment building in Rinkeby where seven people lost their lives.