No ban on mobile phone use while driving

Talking on a mobile telephone while driving a car will continue to be allowed in Sweden following a new report by the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), which has recommended to the government that other options should be taken as opposed to an outright ban.

In the report, the VTI states, "Various actions that educate, inform and support the driver in order to manage communication in a secure manner are preferable to a prohibition of the use of communication devices while driving. "

These actions comprise of "technical solutions, including counter-measures directed towards the infrastructure, the vehicle and the communication device."

Others include education and information. In 2011, the VTI presented research to the government in which it said it found "no long-term traffic safety impact could be found for countries that have legal requirements for hands-free equipment."

The research institute was then given the job by the government to look into any options for banning the use of a mobile phone while driving.