Swedes in Thailand on alert

Tsunami alert ends

No significant waves have been reported following two earthquakes off the coast of Indonesia. The tsunami alert has been lifted in most countries in the area.

A series of earthquakes off the coast of Indonesia's Aceh province prompted an Indian Ocean tsunami alert earlier today. Thousands of Swedes holidaying in Thailand were evacuated.

Swedish Radio News reported that travel company Apollo started to evacuate in Khao Lak.

"We have sent an sms to our guests in place that there is a tsunami warning and that they should follow the authorities recommendations and the evacuation plans in place. They should also search for higher ground where they are situated," said Pernilla Enkler, press spokeswoman for Apollo.

Ving has 1,700 guests in Phuket and they are rigorously following events.

"If it is necessary, we will of course evacuate. Just now we have been informed that one should be in a safe place and not on the beach," Barbro Holmberg, Ving's press spokesperson told Swedish Radio News.

An earthquake with a magnitude of 8.6 triggered the initial warning, which was renewed after another quake a few hours later measuring 8.3.

The BBC reports that Tsunami warning sirens, set up in many vulnerable areas after the 2004 disaster, were heard in Phuket.