Bambuser: Not afraid to get dictators angry

5:18 min

There's a company operating out of Sweden that says they've made enemies of several dictators.

Bambuser is an internet firm that allows people to record and upload footage.

Whether holiday video - or a film of of demonstrations in Egypt. 

They have just struck a deal with Associated Press to allow the newswire to make use of the 2.5 million people on Bambuser as citizen journalists.

Radio Sweden's Loukas Christodoulou talked to one of the people involved, chairman Hans Eriksson.

He says that the company does not fear any kind of retaliation from repressive regimes, "they have no idea what servers we have", and he also says that Bambuser users are the ones who've been very creative in finding ways around the internet blocks set up by regimes such as Syria.

This web service is free - but users can pay for a premium version. That's how the company makes its money, says Hans Eriksson. But what would Bambuser's response be to a major investment, or takeover from a company like Microsoft?

No comment on that, it's an internal matter, says the Bambuser chair with a smile.