Moonshiners see sentences reduced

7:10 min

The court of appeal has today lowered the sentences of 17 people convicted at Sundsvall's district court for the illicit distilling of spirits or moonshine.

Seventy people aged between 18 and 70 were sentenced by Sundsvall district court last August on different levels of involvement in the moonshine network from making, selling and distribution of illicit vodka and whisky.

The ringleader who sold liquor making equipment out of his sweet shop had his sentence reduced from four years to three years and three months.

Anders Moverare, crime reporter at Dagbladet, the local newspaper in Sundsvall, told Radio Sweden that the network involved was large and varied.

"It was spread over Jämtland, Västernorrland and Hälsingland and it was a web of over 70 people with many people with different roles involved."