Sweden loves gardening

1:44 min

Gardening is the most popular outdoor hobby in Sweden after walking, according to Statistics Sweden.

Although most of them don't live in the countryside, 70 per cent of Sweden's population have access to land for gardening, attached to their summer houses or allotments. And they are making the most of it.

It is not only decorative gardening that is in full bloom among the population. The lastest trend is "edible gardening", and more and more people have started using their gardens to grow their own vegetables.

Thousands of garden enthusiasts are gathering this weekend at Scandinavia's biggest garden show, Nordic Gardens, in Stockholm. Speaking to Swedish Radio from the show, landscape engineer Anders Kjellsson says that gardening is adapting to suit urban lifestyles.

"The so-called city growers are very important. It's a younger generation who aren't limited by traditions. They're going out into the city and planting wherever they can", says Kjellsson.

He also claims it is partly thanks you the younger generation of gardeners that new and innovative methods, such as planting without soil, are being tried out in Sweden.

"It's mind-blowing, it's a totally different way of growing. These young people don't see the limitations. They go on Google and YouTube and find instructions, and they just do it", he says.