Prosecution relies on wiretaps in terror trial

The planned terrorist attack against Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten was ordered from Pakistan, a prosecutor announced during the first day of the trial against four men with close ties to Sweden accused of planning the foiled strike.

Three of the men has visited Pakistan several times over the past few years and one of them was in Pakistan only a few months before he was arrested in Copenhagen, news agency TT reports.

Together with a Tunisian citizen, the three Swedish men are accused of planning a series of attacks in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen. Three of the men were arrested near Copenhagen while the fourth man, who testified today, was arrested in Sweden.

As evidence, the prosecution presented hours of conversations recorded in an apartment in Sweden where the four are heard speaking in Arabic about the attack.

But according to the defense the discussions caught on tape are nothing but conversations discussing, in theory, what should be done to the newspaper that published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed in 2005.

“So far what we have heard is just things that you stand around talking about in your kitchen. We don’t know how they are using this,” said Kåre Traberg Schmidt, the lawyer representing the 39-year-old.